Introducing 24K Technology Solutions: An Effective Partner for Small and Medium Sized Businesses


In an era where being ahead of the curve on IT solutions is not a choice but a necessity, I am thrilled to announce the latest addition to the 24K family: 24K Technology Solutions!

Based in Lubbock, this new venture is designed to bridge the digital divide many small and medium size businesses encounter in their journey towards modern IT solutions.

A recent study by the US Chamber of Commerce shows a staggering 74% of small businesses do not have a plan to address their IT security or ensure their systems remain operational if threatened by outage or cyber-attack.

That’s where we aim to help, by offering tech solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of small and medium sized businesses. Our US-based team ensures our clients receive personalized service, devoid of common bottlenecks like time zone differences and expensive services which often accompany offshore, large tech support companies.

We understand small businesses and the unique challenges we all face. This level of understanding translates to tech solutions which are not just effective but also position your business for success.

24 Karat Technology Solutions was born with the needs of medium and small businesses in mind. The future is digital, and with 24K Technology Solutions, small businesses have a reliable and cost-effective partner to help them succeed.

Visit our website today,, or call 806.780.7000 to speak with our team.